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Stealth: Unbreakable Chat
The ultimate private secure messenger with Encryption³
Keep all of your messages and photos private and secure
between you and your friend - guaranteed.

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secure chat


Encrypted messages transmitted over encrypted links

secure data


Encrypted data storage on device

secure display


Encrypted screen display to prevent unauthorized message viewing



SSL secured data transmission

P2P Encryption


Super strong, cryptographic protocol for instant messaging conversations and file sharing

no trace


No message history or phone book content is kept by us

picture unlock


Stealth uses a unique, simple picture to lock and unlock your screen

burn message


With Stealth you can take control of your message lifetime



Password is required, no one can sabotage and use your account on Stealth without your permission



Private communication system to protect your business and personal privacy

privacy setting


Remove, block and unblock contacts



See status of your contacts display in real time



Share photos securely, no need to worry about interception by others



Stealth automatically finds other users from your phone book



Sent, delivered, read, & pending notification for every message and file

user friendly


Clean look with simple UI design

Stealth Technology

Stealth is the only instant messaging app with Encryption³; Encrypted messages in transit, encrypted data on disk and encrypted display.

  1. Encrypted display:

    Messages are displayed encrypted on your device's screen until you unlock it. Someone looking over your shoulder or picking up your phone can’t view your message history, or even who you have been talking to.

  2. Encrypted in transit:

    We use Peer to Peer encryption technology, to encrypt your messages and files before sending. This means only you and the receiver can read them. Each message is encrypted with its own key and in the extreme event of your private key being discovered no message you ever sent can be decrypted! The messages are then further protected by being sent over an SSL secured data channel.

  3. Encrypted on disk:

    Your received and sent message history is stored securely on disk using best practice including AES/EAX encryption using a PBKDF derived password. If that isn't enough you can set a burn time for your messages after which they are deleted from your and the receivers history.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Stealth?

    Stealth is secure chat application. It allows you to have secure, unfiltered, off-the-record conversations. It allows you to speak freely, without a risk of what you send being intercepted, forwarded on or permanently stored.

  2. What phones is Stealth supported on?

    • Android 2.2 or higher
    • iOS
  3. Are my messages encrypted?

    Yes! Stealth messages are fully encrypted. We employ peer-to-peer encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and are private to you. Even we cannot read the messages! Furthermore the encrypted messages are sent over an encrypted connection!

  4. How do I decrypt screen on Stealth?

    Press and hold anywhere on the screen to load the picture unlock. Tap your unlock point.

  5. How do I change my picture unlock?

    Go to "Setting" and then go to "Reset Unlock Point".

  6. I forgot my Password code. What can I do now?

    Lost Password codes cannot be recovered. However, you can reset the app and then set it up again. Delete the app data by going to Phone Settings > Apps > Stealth > Clear data.

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  • 8209437 Personal information management data synchronization
  • 7532890 Content-based notification and user-transparent pull operation for simulated push transmission of wireless email
  • 61982405 Method and apparatus for displaying information on a screen such that the content is comprehensible only to an authorized user
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